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I don't want the game to glitch on one of his scenarios and fuck up my day. Nymphomaniac volume 2 nude scenes. This glitch, though, happens a bit later in the game. All systems are, and will forever be prone to glitching. Heavy rain nude glitch. Oh my God, it's horrible. Do you think it was a legitimate mistake?

It's unique in a way but probably won't be engaging for the average gamer since its gameplay is truly for the niche crowd. Foliage d ago It would be a waste of resources, since they are usually covered. The ps3 may not be as powerful as you think Nike d ago News story of the day.

Definatly an awesome glitch. I can't think of a name yet The player who originally did it declined the kiss right before the love-making scenebut still triggered the scene anyway, if that makes any difference. Tumblr naked pool. What I mean is that while Heavy Rain is a fun game, there are some things in it I'd expect from the PS2, like where there's an invisible force field protecting a car from rain, or how certain objects look drawn on things rather than like the people's realistic like faces only when they aren't talking.

PS3 owners are a bunch of straight up computer nerds. Anyone who freaks out over two dozen brownish pixels has something wrong with them, no matter whether they're for or against it. I wanted to see the cl! OMG lol It is real! Heavy Rain PS3 kotaku. CL60 Follow Forum Posts: This just shows a little more, with the same detail as a Barbie Doll with nipples. There was already nudity in the game Agent Smith d ago This glitch, I like. Etc, would love to play the game starkers, would make some bits very entertaining Gamertag: Don't have an account?

The PS3 is supposed to have the most power in it, which is part of the reason it was so expensive, and the Blue ray is supposed to make graphics almost realistic, so why do we still see glitches and small things that ruin the full immersion into it?

I don't see how nudity might net you an AO rating, anyway. Kamihana Kamihana 8 years ago 5 Why is it censored? Kudos to you sir. Pages 1 2 3 4 NEXT. This game IS rated M. I have to admit that I'm impressed with the amount of detail they put into her model i. Tennis nude pic. It was such a big deal because the Grand Theft Auto games are unbelievably popular. It was such a big deal because the Grand Theft Auto games are unbelievably popular.

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Maybe a snippet from Fox News, but what good video game hasn't been on Fox News for something?

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Because Heavy Rain features no actual gameplay, therefore eliminating most of it's potential buyers, the most it has a chance of being is "the little game that could.

Ah, they did it on purpose! Excuse me sir, I was checking my emails. Do you think it was a legitimate mistake? Wildchild37 Wildchild37 8 years ago 6 Click the images, Kamihana. Izabella scorupco nude pictures. Heavy rain nude glitch. Who runs this site? Well, the media's gonna have a field day with this one. BannedForNineYears d ago Broken pictures are broken. It's not as if this is Dora the Explorer or some other marketed-at-kids game where someone's getting their clothes off.

Yea that is the last thing we need. I also have to give a thumbs up to the motion capture on this game as a whole. Well, I should say retail Dragon Age, as there certainly is nudity much better looking nudity than this glitch in my copy, but that's only because I specifically installed it after the absurdity of the 'burlap underwear dry-humping' scenes convinced me that was a good idea they look significantly less stupid this way.

Then again I suppose any publicity is good publicity if it'll sell more copies. It only does clever marketing slogans tritely overused in message boards. Be careful your mommies dont come in the room Agree 19 Disagree 5. Nude strip tumblr. Is it weird that I paid so much attention to a game vagina? RedDragan d ago Jason, what on earth are you bleating on about now?!

CL60 Follow Forum Posts: I think this might be the only time someone could post nudity here without getting hit by the almighty ban-hammer. AXOi d ago Why can't I get into the site?? Then again, there is the possibility that the game will sell well because of the controversy. It only does nudity It's a shame they don't bounce or jiggle with proper physics when she walks.

Please read the Posting Guidelines. They could had made her body better. Young Capwn d ago hahah this is almost as awesome at this http: There's no naked model for Shelby right? The following film has been rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America This film may contain nudity, virtual sexual situations, teenage wet dreams, and zero gameplay.

In all seriousness, though Clinton You might as well throw in congress of 3 countries with the previous people. Sure, it's still not the level of GTA or MW, but half a million copies sold already means this game yes, it is a game no matter how much whiners will be telling otherwise is popular.

BlueSkies BlueSkies 8 years ago 10 Maybe if you pause the game and exit to the title screen right after choosing not to kiss and then re-load the save. Lesbian anal tumblr. Lordsolidusx d ago Ha Agree 1 Disagree 0. They signed the same paperwork as H.

Prudery results in widespread and often serious harm. Agree 14 Disagree 0.

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