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That isn't actually Dylan posting. Solo girls with big tits. Did he not post that rant, R? But come on, they did. Aaron fuller naked. R I was thinking that too, but thee emojis kinda gave it away anyway. R there were actually some negative reviews in regard to the video, but have since been deleted. The abject shallowness of these people is jaw-droppingly amazing. Is this thread not turning out how you'd like?

There are assholes on YouTube, but I wouldn't count Casey as one of them. That's a lot of thought put into him R Goddammit, I said I didn't want another tweet out of you cunts. I think they agreed to keep it on the down low. Do straight men give money to women who don't have sex with them or perform lap dances for them?

I think that's one of his shoes. Saggy tits bbw. It took him months to get over Aaron. I feel like the only person who looks good out of all of this and is still likable is Grant.

They act coy, innocent and are as deadly as stealth ninjas. Or is that old news? The obvious conclusion is becoming famous. Those types of fans girls will bombard his instagram with mentions of Jackson for months to come. Rather than being an adjunct or adversary to the hero, Kelly carries the film from beginning to end, and the twists and turns of the plot will surprise throughout.

A shoe where his zip is? You don't know my generation because most people would call that gay: But anyway, I do get your point. He says he's going to upload pictures of a conversation with someone close to Dylan. It will be interesting to see how they react when he leaves LA and Jackson and hooks up with someone else.

I think he has decided it is best if he doesn't post. And you never know he might genuinely like them as friends as well.

Aaron fuller naked

To make videos that get a couple thousand views? I just want to add one thing: If you're going to start a "gay youtube channel". I assumed that if you knew about one Instagay you knew about them all. In many jurisdictions it is legal to sleep with people who are 16 or 17, but if you have pictures of them, you can get in big trouble.

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Well, it'd be the third part of this new revival of threads. He never guests on Messy Monday. Nude selfie free. He signed a national letter of intent and is locked in. R95 Then I hope you use protection for everyone's sake. Aaron fuller naked. I assumed that if you knew about one Instagay you knew about them all. I'm curious to know why some are getting so upset at people who express their hopes that Jackson doesn't get hurt by Dylan or that Dylan doesn't screw him over.

At least he feels like he can be himself around Jackson, as is evident in the video posted in R Forget Pride, where we celebrate what we've achieved and lost, let's flash some abs! And yes r26 nailed it.

All of these guys want to be in the right clique so they can get the right amount of likes and followers and exposure, like R48 said. R Right, because two gay guys who clearly like each other would never have sex! They do it for the same reason any fame hungry person does it. Looks like he's having sex with Alx James.

R That's true, but he said he was just kidding. He owes nobody an explanation on who he's fucking. Hot girl next door tumblr. I thought someone said part 7? They will go back to school mode once it's fall.

Why wouldn't they want Bryce to go on YouNow? This social media stuff I think is just a quick ego stroke for him and an easy way for him to get attention but I doubt he really wants to make it a career the way Jackson, Aaron, James, et al are trying to do. R Jackson looks special, hun. Not shocking he's hanging out with popular instagramers, everyone wants to be a "popular plastic". Only time will tell. I feel like the whole Dylan's sexuality thing has been over talked about and is pretty much moot at this point.

Add the first question. Dylan is a bit of a user, but the other seems to be more clingy. You cannot live off Youtube alone. Reese witherspoon wild nude pics. Bryce asked Jackson to kiss Dylan and he was like "no no, stop or I'm gonna leave" while blushing really hard.

I guess Harrison is still not over Jackson. I don't know how he keeps the shame at bay long enough to top Aaron, and now Dylan.

I'm re-watching last night's broadcast and this made me laugh.

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Some hater is saying that Jackson cheated with Dylan, and that Dylan cheated too because apparently he wasn't single either.

Sounds like a group of genuine friends to me. He's gaining more social media followers, he's having a good time in LA and if he's fooling around with Jackson that just a cherry on top. R I don't think it's confusion. Their end game is social media, but Dylan's just getting started. Aren't they all too old for Dylan? Hence why it has to be done perfectly or it won't work. That may be so, but he knows he needs the gay community if he wants to grow his social media presence.

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